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Louis XIV: The Sun King

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Host - Simon Whistler
Author - Morris M.
Producer - Jennifer Da Silva
Executive Producer - Shell Harris

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Source/Further reading:

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Good BBC Radio bio showing a different side to Louis (two episodes): https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05wyhns
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Were Anne and Mazarin having an affair? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/3618846/Was-the-Sun-King-the-kings-son.html
Sejal Sai Bobba : Kinda ironic when the Kings thought the monarchy's downfall would come from the nobles that they ignored the threat from down below......
Gwafa Hazid : Looking back on it, I don't think a little extra confidence in our step and a Vincero watch was going to save 2020
Wun Yin : Yet another documentary ruined by the condescending dumb it down tone and jarring style of the presenter. Also, what’s with the cropped camera work?
Jamell Foster : Louis XIV, Charles II of England, James II, & Maria Henrietta (sister of Charles II & James II as well as aunt is William III of Orange) were all first cousins. William III of Orange was the 1st cousin once removed of Louis XIV via his Mom, Princess Mary of England... All these cousins at war & that's just his Dad's side via his Dad's sister (Auntie) Henrietta Maria wife of Charles I & Mom of 4 of the previously mentioned characters & grandmother of William III... Plus his wife Maria Theresa of Spain was his double 1st cousin (niece by blood of both parents as her Mom was his Dad's sister & her Dad was his Mom's brother).....
Nawnie : Sorry but warographics sounds tight, needs to be in the blaze style

Louis XIV - Les Rois et Reines de France - Quelle Histoire

Louis XIV, le roi soleil, le bâtisseur de Versailles est le plus fameux souverain de l’histoire ! Le règne de 72 ans du célèbre roi bourbon est d’une incroyable richesse. Entre festivités extraordinaires, guerres et intrigues de cour, découvrez le destin fascinant de Louis XIV.

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TCSF A BIOF GSIM / HAMOOD : le ciel et la terre
TCSF A BIOF GSIM / HAMOOD : laynser sidna

Bow Wow Wow - Louis Quatorze (Audio)

Music video by Bow Wow Wow performing Louis Quatorze. (C) 1982 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

BigSkippy1263 : My girlfriend sings pretty good,huh?
rmduetol : Please Upload Eastern Promise <3
Trudi Marchant : Best band ever thanks loiuela love it




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