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Goodbye, iTunes U … and iBooks Author

Apple announced that they would be sunsetting iBooks Author and iTunes U, but the writing was on the wall.

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Apple iBooks Author official Tour

http://ndevil.com - Apple iBooks Author demonstrated shortly.
Eric Linder : Amazing.

Marcia Kapustin : Yes, please!!!

Luca Leonardini : iBooks Author: the revolution starts here. I love it!
Thank you Apple. Again! :)
林廷恩 : wow ))
konfig : Steve Jobs have already planned all these and the rest for the next 50 years probably :)

IBooks Author Tutorial For Book Writers

IBooks Author is a great Software For Writing Books.
junaid amin : Bhai auto cad full tutorial ki hindi dubd kr k dosry chnl pa upload kr do plz
Myr San-Fer : Hi, is there any means of deleting the default Table of Contents provided by the Ibook format and inserting a new one on the correspondent page? The default Table of Contents is not suitable for me and at this point I have worked a new Table of Contents at the end of the book, by adding 2 new pages. Or, is there any other template (Portrait) which I can use instead? I forgot to mention I am working in a poetry book, which has no Chapter, titles and sub-titles (for the Table of Contents). Thank you!
Ant Brad : Great video! I’m a little confused on the difference between chapters and sections?? All I need is about 5 chapters with about 5 pages in each chapter... but what goes into a section??
Ant Brad : Hi, will you explain why I’d need a section in a chapter? What’s the purpose... is it not enough just to have chapters??
James Earl Cash : Awais Mirza:  Is there a way to transfer a PDF into book form with this program?  And if 
so then how does one do that?  Can you make a video on how to turn a PDF to an iBook?




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