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hp Officejet 6700 premium missing or failed printhead error message.
printhead missing or not detected.
missing or failed printhead hp 6700.

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how to fix

Please watch: "how to fix hp officejet pro 8610 missing or failed printhead"
Elizabeth Robson : Followed all the steps nothing helped
Kyriakos Georgiou : Mine not fixed the problem :(
Philip 6 : Thank you very much!
Vasîle : Before ordering a new cartridge battery always check their (HP) site - if u cannot find the model anymore it means that the unit will irreversibly malfunction just when the newly purchased cartridge set is installed.
James G : 7:50 best part of whole video

HP OfficeJet 6600/6700 Printhead Replacement - Detailed Printer Repair!

In this video, I'll do a disassembly of the HP OfficeJet 6600 (Same exact procedure for the 6700 Premium) and replace the printhead.
The entire repair process is pretty simple and can be done by anyone.

↓ Tools and things needed ↓
- Torx T10 Screwdriver
- Flat Screwdriver (2-2.5-3mm)
- Tweezers could be useful if you drop a screw inside the printer
- Paper towels
- Glass cleaner (Windex in the USA and other countries is fine) if you plan to clean the insides
- Latex Gloves
- Of course, the Printhead

Link to buy the printhead: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32920073685.html
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For any other question feel free to leave a comment or write me an email at marcelli.paolo@outlook.com or contact me via www.telegram.me/PioloLoStampiere
Leslie Young : Can you tell me whether using non HP ink cartridges causes the printhead to fail?
Leslie Young : Also Paolo, this printer carriage moves around back and forth ALOT in preparation to print. I have never had a printer act so weird! Mine is not printing at all due to error message "there is a problem with the printer system. Turn printer off, then on. If problem persists, contact HP." HP tech support did trouble shooting and said more than likely it is a hardware problem. But no one in LA fixes these!! Not sure it's the printhead but one tech guy on the phone said it is possible. He also said it's better to buy another printer.
Leslie Young : Very informative video. Unfortunately the printhead is not available on Ali Express now. Ebay has them for around $46. I don't know if it is worth to fix it? Did your printer continue to work after repair? Is it still working?
Sean Sweeney : My 6700 premium printer needed new printhead. It was saying there was an error with the printhead. I have installed the printhead as you have shown in the video. All went well until plugged in the printer. It still wont work. It says there is a problem with the print system. I wonder if I could clean the inside properly would that help. Do you have any video on this? What areas do you clean? Do you have a video on it? There is a lot of ink under where the printhead sits, black ink. does that area need to be cleaned? I have bought the printer head and changed it but now I am disappointed its not working as I thought I could save the printer and not have to buy a new one. Any help or tips would be appreciated?
D C : I hate this printer!

Hp Officejet 6600, 6700 How To Unclog Printhead

Printhead Cleaning Kit: https://geni.us/wArXsZT

Hp 932XL INK: https://geni.us/5LwF

Website: bestprinterstech.com
Jean Holley : I cleaned everything as described using the cleaner but now have a "printer failure" error saying there is a problem with my ink system. This didn't exist before, ideas?
Marc Matthews : I just did this, and it worked for me. My printer stopped printing Cyan right in the middle of a print job, even when the cartridge was not empty. No matter what self-cleaning I did via the printer itself (app or otherwise), it did not fix the problem. So I assume there was a clog. I watched this video, bought the recommended cleaning kit, and ran 40 ml through my Cyan nozzle as demonstrated in the video. I did it twice (20 ml x 2) just to be safe. After putting everything back together, the printer worked perfectly. So I can say it worked for me and I would recommend this effort before you decide to scrap your printer and get a new one (unless you really want a new one). Thanks for the video and the resolution to my problem. :)
Jessica Jackson : I just got this product and followed video and directions that came with the product. still not working. big mess, money lost and still no working printer! help please
Sandy Smith : Hi, I watched your video and exactly described my problem. I own an HP OfficeJet 6600. My magenta and black colors wouldn't print. I went ahead and purchased a cleaning kit from amazon. I followed the steps accordingly the first time around and after printing a test page some progress was made, my magenta and cyan worked great but my yellow was partial and my black still had issues. I then took the same approach as directed but this time did it on my own. I might of put too much water into the print heads. Water is leaking from under the machine and with the ink cartridges inserted in place it reads there might be a problem with the ink cartridges asking me to power off and unplug, if problem persists contact HP for help. Do you have any advice? Have I broken my printer for good? is a matter or time before the water dries and works again? HELP! :-(
Cheryl Pine : How do l get one ink unstuck. Can't get it out.




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