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Kit HP 2100 - Cambiar Kit Mantenimiento 2100

Kit de Mantenimiento 2100
Aprenda a cambiar el Kit de Mantenimiento para la impresora HP LaserJet 2100
Este kit de mantenimiento incluye: fusor HP, ruedas de pick up del cassete y de la entrada manual y rodillo de transferencia.

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David Martin : Thanks. Only 2 differences in my HP2100 from video - screw placement on back panel and screw placement on pressure plate for pickup from cassette. NBD. While open, I cleaned the fan input screen and everywhere I could reach. After reassembly, on the first and second print tests from cassette the paper picked up and stalled before feeding into the printer. Sheets were hanging from pickup roller when I pulled out the cassette. The third try was a charm, though it pulled slowly. I ran a 10 page print job twice, and now it delivers as it should, though it has been a long time since the printer sounded that "tight' when pulling from the cassette. Should be good for another 45,000 pages. Thanks again for the video!
intentionalhonesty : Gracias por este video. My Printer is working again, pushing the paper baby.
Barry Levine : Also worth noting, the most wear noted on the parts replaced at 1:13 and 5:52. These are the easiest pieces to change. The rollers both seemed in good shape, suggesting it's worth trying to change the pressure plates first, or just changing the rubber facing.
Barry Levine : Thanks, Gracias!. Was able to change the rollers and pressure plates on my laserjet 2100M with the help of this video. Video is very clear. My printer works again!
    When changing the roller (starting at 1:33) , I messed the alignment of the driving shaft (goes into slot on right side of roller shaft). This was hard to get back in line, so take care here.
B1LLY_ B0B : Gracias, Thank you very much !

Hp PSC 2100 Series

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Psc 2100/BlockStars Ent From Stl

Psc 2100/BlockStars Ent From Stl




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